Bosch MW-B Wireless Battery 18V-LI – GBA 18 4.0Ah


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Bosch 1600A00C42 Wireless Battery 18v x 4Ah induction charging battery designed for demanding high current applications using larger system power tools. These 18BLUE40W Wireless Batteries provide additional run-time and are suited to the professional who is constantly mobile and seldom in the same place as their chargers. Bosch 18v wireless charging technology batteries are fully compatible across the professional 18v Bosch range powered using 18v slide fit lithium batteries however these batteries cannot be charged using a conventional 18v Bosch charger. 1600A00C42 wireless batteries must use their own AL1830W wireless charger, these chargers will only charge wireless batteries and cannot be used to charge more traditional 18v Bosch lithium batteries