Bosch GCO 2000 Professional Metal Cut-off Grinder


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The new benchmark in cutting power and efficiency
Durability – long service life
Well balanced and lower weight (15.8 kg for non-guard version)
Convenience – well balanced and ergonomic

Strong aluminium arm and pivot system for heavy-duty cut in steel
Ergonomic round D-handle with dimples for long periods of use
Anti-dust and -spark motor system for longer lifespan
Robust guard system for minimal wobbling during cut
Adjustable spark guard for minimal spark deflection when cutting different shapes of material


Cutting capacity at rectangle 0º85 x 180 mm
Cutting capacity at square 0º120 x 120 mm
Cutting capacity at L-profile 0º138 x 138 mm
No-load speed3,500 rpm
Cutting disc diameter355 mm
Cutting disc bore25.4 mm
Weight17 kg
Rated power input2,000 W


Metal Grinder