Skil Multi sander 7207 AK (Octo)


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Versatile palmgrip multi sander for sanding jobs in and around the home
The Skil 7207 ‘Octo’ multi sander is a compact and lightweight palmgrip sander with an iron-shaped foot for sanding both large areas as well as difficult spots and hard-to-reach areas like corners and edges. The palmgrip design makes this tool easy to control and provides it with extreme manoeuvrability. With the three extra sanding attachments included with the tool, you can also sand all kinds of round surfaces and extra narrow places, which you normally need to sand by hand. The 100W motor provides plenty of power to complete your DIY sanding jobs quickly and conveniently. The integrated dust-collection system with dust bag contributes to a cleaner working environment. This multi sander comes complete in a canvas bag with dust bag, three extra sanding attachments and 12 sanding sheets