Skil Multi sander 7220 AC (Fox 3-in-1)


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Optimal versatility: delta, orbital and random orbital sander combined in one
The ‘Fox’ 3-in-1 offers optimal versatility by combining three different sanders in one: an orbital sander for sanding large surfaces, a random orbital sander for sanding curved surfaces and high material removal, and a delta sander for sanding of corners, edges and other hard-to-reach places. The multi sander has a powerful 250W motor that gets your sanding jobs done quickly. For cleaner working the 3-in-1 multi sander has an integrated dust-collection system which collects dust in the dust box, and a vacuum cleaner connection to which most standard-size vacuum cleaners can be connected. The ‘Fox’ 3-in-1 is supplied in a sturdy bag, with two different backing pads and 10 sanding sheets