Bosch PBH 2500 SRE Rotary Hammer


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Be it drilling, hammering or chiselling: The PBH 2500 SRE “Compact” is a powerful tool for all applications. A high impact force is provided by its 600 watts of power and its pneumatic Bosch hammer mechanism with a single impact energy of 1.9 joules. This enables you to drill through even the hardest materials such as concrete or granite with ease. In addition to the SDS-plus chuck, the tool also comes with an adapter chuck for normal drill and screwdriver bits as well as a six-piece SDS-plus drill bit set. This ensures that you are equipped for all applications with the PBH 2500 SRE. What’s more, it always sits securely in your hand thanks to its slimline design, softgrip coverings and low weight


Rotary hammer